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There are two important questions to ask yourself here. How long have you been a member of the gym and have you reached your goals? For many people going to the gym is a daily slog where they perform the same exercises month after month yet still remain unhappy with their bodies or fitness. If you want to lose weight, get healthy and/or build muscle, hiring a personal trainer could be a step in the right direction. A good trainer can help you set up a program that meets your goals and teach you the best way to exercise.

Understandably Personal Training is a luxury product and may seem an unnecessary expense when gym membership is getting cheaper. However if you’re not achieving at the gym then that monthly expenditure could be a complete waste of money. There are many private trainers out there who offer so much more than a simple exercise plan you could have written yourself. They offer tailor made programmes and spend huge amounts of time and effort in helping you achieve what you want in a short space of time.

Bellabello articles pageChoosing your trainer is hugely important, that average looking guy with a perma – smile wandering around the gym may not even be qualified and just instructed to hit his targets. Take a look in your local paper, gumtree or facebook and find a local experienced trainer who will contribute much more to your training regime and will be on call day and night for your exercise concerns. A personal trainer should be, at the least, educated and certified through a reputable fitness organization. This person’s job is to assess your fitness level, set up a program for you and keep you motivated. He or she will push you past your comfort level–something difficult to do on your own. Personality is important too since you’ll be working very closely with this person. Make sure you get along with your trainer and feel comfortable asking questions.

A good trainer will use specialised techniques specific to your training goals. They will not design a gym programme for you which includes a 40 min treadmill session, what would the point of that be, when you could do that on your own? They will take the time to plan out your sessions for the duration of your training and keep you on track whilst also giving you tips of what you can do on your own in the gym or in the park.

So why not assess how far your getting with your own training plan and if the answer is not very far look out for those trainers who can get you to reach your goals faster than you could’ve dreamed of…