Bellabello Testimonials


‘If you need a little kick start with your exercise routine, Amanda Wilkinson’s new boutique fitness studio could be just testimonial replace imagethe place for you. Only 22 but already an established personal trainer and Powerplate instructor, Wilkinson, can also help you with a nutrition plan and give you the encouragement you need to stick with it.‘ ‘’


‘I made the usual New Years resolution to lose weight at the beginning of the year, but felt that I’d take it further and actually do something this time. On meeting Amanda at the Bella Bello studio, I felt I’d found someone who really seemed to understand the feelings of intimidation and stress I’d experienced when using gyms in the past.


I started attending the studio twice a week in early February, initially for PowerPlate sessions, moving onto a regular personal training programme devised by Amanda. I went from being someone who did not enjoy any form of exercise, to really looking forward to my sessions at the studio – and even increasing attendance to 3 sessions a week.


I achieved so much due to Amanda’s supportive, easy-going nature. She really made me feel I could achieve anything, even when I felt that I couldn’t do another press up. She really encouraged me to give that little bit more, and thanks to her I achieved a lot in a short space of time – which I wouldn’t have been able to without her help.’ ‘Karen Badby’