Hidden Coffee Calories


Avoid Consuming unnecessary Calories in your morning coffee.

I’ve compiled a list of popular coffees below with their calorie content and a slimmer alternative!

It’s obvious here, that sticking to good old Filter coffee or your standard cup of tea is best and saves a huge amount of calories!

Try adding Soya milk for a different flavour or a shot of sugar free syrup!



Tall Whole Milk Calories

Tall Non Fat milk Calories

Cafe Latte 180 100
Cafe Mocha 230 170
Cappuchino 110 60
Caramel Macchiato 200 140
Flavoured Latte 220 150
Iced Caffe Late 110 70
Skinny flavoured latte 220 90
White choc Mocha 330 270
Hot Chocolate 260 190
White Hot Chocolate 340 270
Brewed Coffee 5 5
Tazo Tea 2 2