Morning Abs – workout 1

Perform the following exercises without a break, do 10 reps of each. Rest for 30 seconds and then perform 2 further sets! Remember to exhale as you sit up!

Sit ups (Hook feet under sofa, keep hands by ears)

V Sit Hold (Sit in a v position arms and legs out in front, hold for 10 secs)

Ankle reach (lying down knees bent, reach round towards one ankle and then round to the other)

Supine leg scissors (lying on back, raise legs up. slowly lower one leg almost to the ground and the alternate)

Sit up twist (Standard sit up then twist over one knee at the top, alternate)

Quick Upper Body – Workout 2

Perfrom each exercise for 1 minute

Plank Push up (Begin in Press up position, lower yourself onto your forearms then push up into starting press up position)

Press up reach (Perform a standard press up then rotate one arm up until you are in a side ways position, repeat other side)

Tricep Push up (Place hands much closer together, keep elbows close to body throughout push up)

Side Plank with Rotation (In a side plank position rotate arm through and under base arm, then return to start)

Reverse Plank (Supine Plank)

Front Plank